Oximeter Pulse Pro FAQs


How does this work?

The Pro Pulse Oximeter fits with every finger size and provides 6,000 spot checks. It provides an easy, one-press operation and comes with a lanyard for easy transport. And to inform you once the check is done, an alarm will sound to indicate your oxygen level and heart rate. Once done, it will automatically power off after 8 seconds.

What is the measurement range and accuracy of oxygen?

The IMDK OxiCare finger pulse oximeter uses the latest oxygen sensor technology to accurately determine the level of oxygen in your blood (SpO2) in just 8 seconds. The measurement range is between 70% to 99% with ±2% accuracy and ±1% of resolution.

Can I have more details about the features available?

Explanation of features

What are the key features?

Key Features:

What are the specifications?